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Aplus Bangladesh is a group of ENGINEERS having vast experience in Designing, engineering, and executing the pollution control of all type Water Treatment Systems and equipment’s, Swimming Pool construction and treatment, Artificial Water-body, Water Fall & Fountain, Musical fountain,
Interior and exterior design. APB one of them is the very comprehensive range of technologies product and service which covered entire spectrum of water (Aplus Bangladesh). The company considers that leadership alone an’t ensure the success. Only staying current with developing latest scientific trends and market changes we can continue to deliver tailored and pioneer solutions. The company’s technical and experienced people study the client’s requirement and formulate the best solution as per the desire and best practicable alternative for the problem. Our sister concern company Apec Water Technology and Water-fine Treatment and Filters are also doing A-Z water treatment solution company in Bangladesh.



Our others Services:

Swimming Pool:

we design and build pools and spas for a wide range of private residences in Bangladesh as well as commercial installations, with the majority of clients coming through architects and the remaining coming to us direct from the client We are expert in indoor and outdoor pool, rooftop pool , infinity pool , concrete spas and variety of water features and we are obsessed with service, pool restoration and long customer relationships. We build pools to last. And we always design so that your pool is an integrated part of your home and landscape. We want you to use your indoor and outdoor pool or rooftop pool & spa for many uninterrupted years to come. We hope you will design , build and maintain with A plus Bangladesh. Our commitment to quality is evident in the craftsmanship of our work so we invite you to let us build your Personal Space, for years of endless pleasure, years of relaxing by the pool, years of keeping fit, years of getting splashed by kids (of all ages!), elegant pool-side entertainment and hours of simply sitting by the side of your own personal paradise soaking up the pleasure of owning a A plus Pool. It’s simple math’s. Take away the stress, multiply the fun and add value to your home and life.

Sauna/Steam Bath/Jacuzzi: We build water-based recreation like sauna, steam bath & Jacuzzi. Our expert will be trained and work abroad over 19 years. We can ensure all the project done by us will be as like as 5 star hotel standard. We are the expert of all type of water body also.

Water Treatment Systems A-Z Mission & Policy: We at APB with our expertise in water and waste water management believe in helping the  customer to conserve the natural resources water to minimize the loses and maximize profits. Also we rely on the principle of having ‘harmony with customers’ can create the most effective solutions to water and solid waste  management problems, regardless of how simple or complex, how rudimentary or technical the application. We believe in this and prepared to meet all the challengers in the field. Services: APB with its vision and dedicated efforts is bound to fulfill the industrial and government sector’s requirements in following areas of expertise Water Treatment Plants (Conventional as well as Reverse Osmosis (USA Technology, Softeners, D.M. Plants) Increased globalization and industrialization has lead to scarcity of pure water, which ultimately has given impetus to bring the solutions to fulfill the demand of water for process as well as domestic purpose. APB intends to help the industry and government to provide the solutions and alternatives to current scenario. APB with its expertise and experienced manpower can guide and consult the authorities to install the latest facility of pure water for drinking and process purpose so that the demand of all sectors of society can be fulfilled.

Sewage Treatment / Reclamation Plants Domestic discharge and sewage when send out without treatment gives rise in the pollution load in the water bodies where it is letting in. APB with its approach to control the pollution load in ground water provides state of art sewage treatment and reclamation plants based on conventional as well as on modern latest technologies.


Effluent Treatment / Recycling Plants
The wastewater generated in the manufacturing process has been one of the main cause of water pollution. The increased awareness and strict implementation of laws and regulations have forced the occupiers to have
treatment facility to treat the waste water up to discharge limit prescribed by different authorities. KWS has all the answers to such problem irrespective of industrial process and product, which can give the result in line with the legal requirements. Also in the area where water scarcity is the matter of concern, we can help the industries to recycle the waste water for their process purpose by achieving the desired limits of pollution parameters like dissolved solids etc.

Waterfall and Musical Fountain

A Plus Fountain is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor fountains since the last Six years . In Such a short span of time A Plus Fountains has gained a name in specialized fountains erection and design at Projects Multi complexes and Cities and spread its presence all over the country. We provide all variety of indoor and outdoor Fountains, Musical Fountain, Imported Fountain for decoration with various kinds of fountain nozzles and fountain lights. We have had the honour to create indoor/outdoor waterfalls and
fountains for leading government department, Hotels, factories, hospitals, Resort & private organizations. So, come & rediscover the thrills of nature with us.


A Plus Covered

APB takes in to the consideration of increasing competitiveness, environmental awareness and stringent health and safety regulations have impact on technical and commercial aspect of business. The area covered are: • Municipality /Resort/Hotel / Hospital / School / Institutions /
Big complex/Residential Area • Textiles • Distillery • Food & Beverage • Agro based Industry • Pulp & Paper • Dairy • Pharmaceuticals • Chemical
• Slaughter House & Abattoirs • Tannery • Electroplating • Fisheries …………………………… many more.


In – House Facility

The group of chemical and environmental engineers accomplishes the process design by utilizing their expertise and experience and keeping in mind the latest trends and up gradation in technologies available in the market. The design of the plant and its associated units is done by team of design engineers with their relevant background with chemical, civil, environment, electrical and mechanical etc.


Infrastructure Facility:

MECHANICAL: WORKS Note : The material fabricated here are at par with all the materials tested by third party like SGS, EIL, etc. ELECTRICAL: A team of qualified electrical engineers and technicians look after control panel manufacturer as per latest engineering practice in A PLUS BANGLADESH.

DESIGN ENGINEERING: APB team project is having the club process, mechanical, structural designers And CIVIL

ENGINEERS: A Team of engineers with their background and experience gives detailed engineering drawings, working drawings, estimates for bills etc. at time-to-time control and monitor the project. The above facility with the integrated infrastructure helps in timely execution of project.



APB is having an exclusive tie-up with analysis facility for Aplus Bangladesh related work like Swimming Pool water, Waterfall, Pure water, wastewater and solids also facilitates bench scale and pilot scale process trial for various projects and is the strength of our process design in ensuring fool proof recommendation at stage of basic engineering, trial commissioning, trouble shooting and process up-gradation time to time to meet latest challenges. The Engineer/Designer ARE expert about INTERIOR & EXTERIOR and marketing network is spread all over through agents also.

Install Ceiling Fans

We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

Replace Fixtures

We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

Cheerful Staff

We have grown accustomed to the wonders of clean water, indoor plumbing, laser surgery, genetic engineering,
artificial joints, replacement body parts, and the much longer lives that accompany them.


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