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H2O technique & art ltd is a leading swimming pool company in Bangladesh. We are one of the experienced companies who have made a reputed place in the market with hard work and zeal. H2O technique & art ltd keeps in mind the customer requirements and provide them awesome designs of swimming pool.

Our company has the best ways to install your swimming pool from your first ideas to your first swim. Unique concepts blended with capability and creativity makes us stand apart in the masses. We have well respected resources for potential buyers and owners of high-end custom swimming pools. Our company ensures that best practice is taken and safe, quality swimming pools are built in the country. Blue Stream swimming pools is proud to have professional and skilled workers who help recognize our company’s hard work and sincerity. We are well specialized in constructing indoor or outdoor Swimming pools, Fountain, Jacuzzi, Water Park  where designs speak about beauty.



We are one of the experienced companies who have made a reputed place in the market.


Low-country residents have enjoyed having H2O's clean their pools


We are familiar with ALL fountains brands and models.


Every steam & sauna we produce is designed and manufactured at one of our owned facilities.


We are experienced in all aspects of water park design and construction


We help to make sure to choose water purifiers with an extensive filtering process

There are few things which one needs to consider while looking for Swimming pool contractors. Let us have a look at them in detail.


  1. You can share all the knowledge you have about swimming pools with the contractor you plan to hire. You can as well discuss with them about the various technical aspects and also research on how these contractors build a swimming pool. By knowing this information you can easily communicate with your contractor.
  2. Any one cannot hire the services of very first Swimming pool contractors they contact. Do your own research and make a list of well-known contractors in your local area. Then talk to the shortlisted companies and then make your final choice. Doing this will help you hire the services of the best team.
  3. It always helps to get some recommendations from your friends or family; in case they had a swimming pool built in their home. By doing this you can be assured that you are hiring a reliable company to get your swimming pool built.
  4. Check for the experience of the company and also the team which would work on your pool construction. Hands on experience and skill along with good technical knowledge are quite necessary so as to complete the project with perfection.
  5. Also check with the company about any kind of additional costs that might occur.


It is very important to choose the right Swimming pool companies Bangladesh as the cost does not end with the pool being built. There are various costs like maintenance and any feature to be added to your pool can also cost you extra. Not only the price, you also need to work with a team who can provide you with needed suggestions on your pool maintenance.

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